RFID Solutions

Featuring state-of- the-art monitoring technology (RFID), CPCON assures customers of innovative and customized solutions to control the movement and positioning of their assets.

Through a personalized portal, via the web, the client has an updated view of the physical position of their items, monitored full time, with non-complaint alerts via SMS.

  • Analysis of business processes and operations.
  • Definition of methodologies for the adoption of RFID
  • Integrated RFID System Design
  • ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis
  • Development of Interfaces (Middleware) for ERPs
  • Pre-Pilot and Pilot Deployment
  • Integrated Training on-site
  • Complete RFID Project Documentation

Some applications known for RFID.

  • Equity control
  • Tracking of documents, books, medicines, etc.
  • Event Management, people location, etc.
  • Control of inventory, clothing, products, vehicles, laundry.
  • Surgical instrumentation, mobile equipment, and devices.