Asset Valuation

In appraisal engineering there is a vast set of knowledge related to the science of determining the value of a property, as well as its rights and added costs.
Within this consulting service, your company will have full support to close good deals and/or carry out market studies, corporate transactions, sales, company spin-off or acquisition. In this process, tangible and intangible assets are evaluated, which involves complex finance operations for accounting, fiscal, corporate and economic purposes.
In appraisal engineering service, CPCON offers the following consulting options:

  • Evaluation and re-evaluation of assets for accounting, management, insurance and warranty purposes.
  • Evaluations of industrial complexes, machines and equipment, installations, furniture and tools/equipment; computer equipment and peripherals.
  • Assessment of mineral deposits, vessels, aircraft, and other types of assets.
  • Assessment to support import and export processes.
  • Business valuation purposes of: mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and sales, opening and closing of capital.