Asset Management

With the advent of the new Brazilian Accounting Standards*, the new procedures aim, inter alia, at harmonization, by means of the establishment of standards to be observed by Public and Private Administrations, regarding changes in equity, acquisitions, write-offs, classifications, allocations And records, to enable the disclosure and consolidation of patrimonial records.
CPCON is prepared to review the procedures for maintaining the accounting records, considering:

  • Full Equity Inventory
  • Assembling goods with RFID or barcode labels.
  • Review of the physical and accounting patrimonial registers.
  • Physical reconciliation x accounting, and adjustments of any leftovers.
  • Detailed survey of real estate, document review, regularization, evaluation for various purposes.
  • Supply and implantation of an Asset Management System.
  • Automation for future inventories.

* Asset Accounting Procedures, part of the 4th Edition of the Accounting Manual Applied to the Public Sector of the National Treasury Secretariat, approved by Administrative Rule STN no. 406, of June 20, 2011, based on International Accounting Standards, Law 11,638 – New Law of Accounting, IFAC – International Federation of Accountants (International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAs).