Architecture and Management Projects

Developing architecture and infrastructure projects for commercial, operational and corporate environments, CPCON brings to your company the most modern techniques and architectural concepts.

Through a qualified team of architects, engineers and consultants specializing in construction, we carry out technical surveys, conceptual planning, and complete all phases for your enterprise while taking into account the best use of materials, natural conditions and terrain, always seeking to unite technology and sustainability.

We work in the development of corporate, commercial and promotional projects, creation of brand identity language, visual merchandising, furniture design, execution of complementary projects and final compatibility for forwarding to construction processes.

  • Commercial Architecture – Stores
  • Corporate Architecture – Business Buildings and Offices.
  • Visual Communication
  • Promotional Architecture – Stands, Kiosks and Exhibitions.
  • Additional technical projects – Structure, Air-conditioning, Hydraulics, Electrical, Data and Voice, LPG.
  • Combat and fire prevention plans.